Friday, 4 November 2011

spinglo is a new popular website in town. But is it really worth your undivided attention or should you look esle where? I myself have tried out the site and I have came to certain conclusions. After you reading through this critique you can decide whether or not Spinglo is worth valuable time and attension.
Time is definitely not a renewable resource. Spending it, either wisely or foolishly, means you never get it back. Before you spend that time on Spinglo, or any other website, realize that you’re spending your most precious resource forever. is being jargon as “Your Social Network Booster” The name derives from the title and used to coalesce for the user a social networking experience with receiving prizes. There are about three main parts to this exemplary service and they are; Singlo Bonus, Spinglo Life and Singlo VIP. We we’ll dig into each one indepth indivdually.
The prime steak of the Spinglo Platform?
Many individuals are subscribing to as they are lured by Spinglo Bonus. Once you become a member and influence others to follow suit, you are eligible to earn points when your leads and their leads take up certain offers in the site.Once you have collected sufficient points, you may convert them in Spinglo Life and Spinglo VIP which have not been announced as of now.

Spinglo Life is waiting for a critical mass of Spinglo Bonus members to sign on before it opens its cyber-doors to what appears to be some sort of online shopping mall. How many people need to sign on to the Bonus, or how much real value will be available, isnt known at the moment.
Spinglo VIP is even more of an enigma. The website is heralding that the Spinglo VIP experience will give its members the first shot at participating in upcoming, and as of yet, unknown, beta testing when such are offered to the inhabitants Cyberspace. I can’t tell you if Spinglo has worked out deals with the major players in the Internet marketing business to make this a “must have” option, or not.
To know if you should hop on the bandwagon, you need to evaluate why you are online. Most people do want a good value when they join services of this nature, but you need to decide if your time online is to be spent looking for something just to pass the time and amuse you, or if you’re looking for a significant return for the time you invest.
If it’s amusement your looking for, then log on to and then invite your friends to join and enjoy. But I can’t really say that Spinglo is for those people look for serious gains from their time on the Internet.
From what I have observed, what is seriously missing in the present day businessman is target-based online marketing education. There is dearth of big enterprises and chances, however, not many do well as they are unfortunately lacking the requisite coaching and dexterity to flourish. If you are thinking of reaping rich dividends through online business, then get trained under 7 Figure Networker which is one of the master marketing organizations.
And it the end, marketing is what seperates the successful business from the rest of the herd on the internet. Learn the unique marketing skills the Internet demands, and even sites like can be a serious source of revenue for you.

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